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Arccos Golf Apps

The Arccos Golf system features apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Compatible iOS devices include: iPhone 5s and above, running iOS 10.0 and above.

Compatible on select Android devices running Marshmallow and above that include a gyroscope and accelerometer.


The Arccos Caddie app is part of the Arccos Caddie Golf Performance Tracking System which features:

  • Automatic Shot Tracking – Experience hands-free data capture with no tagging or annoying disruptions
  • Smart Distance Club Averages – Know how far you really hit each club
  • Caddie Advice – Receive your best strategy for every shot on any hole in the world
  • Advanced Analytics – Use performance breakdowns to guide your practice and equipment choices
  • “Plays Like” Distances – Get rangefinder GPS distances adjusted for the impact of wind speed, wind direction and elevation

It functions with Arccos Caddie Smart sensors, Arccos Caddie Smart Grips, Cobra Connect Full Iron Sets, as well as first-generation Arccos Golf sensors.




The Arccos Driver app works with the Arccos Driver sensor, as well as any Cobra Connect driver featuring an Arccos sensor embedded in the grip (standard for KING LTD Black, KING F7, KING F7+, KING F8 and KING F8+ models).